Prefab Changes

Hi guys,

I bought a very nice set of knight characters from Unity asset store. It’s basically one model with 4 different textures (colors). Unfortunately each knight results in 3 (sometimes 2) draw calls (body, weapon, shield - same texture, but each uses it’s own material, so I guess that’s the problem).

I need 16 of them in my board game scene so almost 30 draw calls w/o anything else. :frowning:

Well, I thought why not use only one texture for all of them. If it won’t help decreasing draw call, then at least loading one texture file should better than 4 of them… So I’ve created 2048x2048 image containing all 4 textures and after playing with Tiling & Offset I was able to make it work.

So now I can create my red, blue, yellow and green knights, but the problem is that changing color (tiling/offset) of one of them changes others too.

I’ve tried creating prefabs etc, but it looks like everything is linked together. Even if I create new prefab from FBX, delete FBX from my scene, rinse&repeat for different color - my 1st prefab is changed as soon as I change FBX model.

Am I doing something wrong or is is working as intended?

The reason you got more then one draw call at the beginning is because of the multiple materials.

Once you did a single texture and a single material, you where heading in the right direction.

But, since all knights now use the same material, when you change one, all will be effected.

How to solve:

You can either make one materiel for each color (all will use the same texture only different offsets), which should give you one draw call for each knight.

Or, you could change the UV’s of thew knights and that way, you can get one draw call for all knights.