Prefab color is black

Hello , I am making a simple game in which the player have to dodge from the falling obstacles .
Its all working fine but with just adding two lines of code the prefab color become black .

if (Time.time > nextSpawnTime) {

		nextSpawnTime = Time.time + spawnDuration;

		// Generating randon X Pos and specific Y Pos
		float randomSpawnPosition = Random.Range (-halfScreenSizeUnits, halfScreenSizeUnits);
		float initiatePoint = Camera.main.orthographicSize + 2;

		// Generating position for Blocks
		Vector2 spawnPosition = new Vector2 (randomSpawnPosition, initiatePoint);

		float randomSpawnAngle = Random.Range (-spawnAngle, spawnAngle); 

		GameObject newBlock = (GameObject)Instantiate (enemyPrefab, spawnPosition, Quaternion.Euler(Vector3.forward * randomSpawnAngle));

		float spawnSize = Random.Range (spawnSizeMinMax.x, spawnSizeMinMax.y);
		newBlock.transform.localScale = * spawnSize;

So here everything is fine . The problem is in the last two lines . If I comment these 2 lines then the prefab instantiate randomly and with its own color but if I remove the comment the prefabs becomes black . what’s the problem with that ?


Edited my answer after reviewing I noticed you are using a vector2.

Using a Vector2 this will set the Z value of localScale to 0 automatically because localScale is a vector3. If one of the values of localScale is 0, it would prevent the lighting from affecting it alltogether.
Using a vector3 instead of a vector2 would be enough to fix your issue.

So it would end up looking like this:

newBlock.transform.localScale = * spawnSize;