Prefab Color Question

Hi, I made a car in blender and exported it as a .obj into unity. I know it doesn’t come with color so I tried applying color to it. I want a red body with black wheels, and when I apply my red material the whole prefab turns red. Is there a way to color certain parts of your prefab because I want a red body with black wheels not a red body and red wheels. Please Help. Thank You In Advance!

You can paint vertices in Blender and see it on Unity with a vertex color shader (for instance:

Else you need to define multiple materials on your model or submodels with different material.

Edit :

  • You can add material in “material” tab > “+” button > assign selected vertices.
  • You can separate object using ‘p’ key in edit mode.
  • As proposed in comment you should try to UV your object, and you will be able to paint face (ex: Can't paint texture - Blender Stack Exchange)

For more information you should look for blender tutorial.