prefab instance keeps its connection to script

I have a scene where I have a GUIText object which I have linked to my character prefab.
When I instantiate this in game it creates a clone and the script doesn’t work on the new object.
If I pause the game and drag the prefab onto the GUIText script again and run it it will work fine.
Is there something I need to be doing in my code to make sure I can keep this connection on any instances.

I have added the code it basically looks at the script PickupScore on my prefab which is what is losing it’s connection.

var player : PickupScore;

function Update()
		GetComponent(GUIText).text = player.score.ToString();
		Debug.Log("added value");

Prefabs, before they are spawned, can’t have links to existing gameObjects. [Spawned prefabs can (since they are just regular game objects,) and prefabs can have links to other prefabs.]

To fix, set the link yourself when you spawn (rough code, my doctor won’t let me use javascript):

newGUI = Instantiate(guiPrefab,....);
newGUI.GetComponent("PickupScore").player = GameObject.Find("player");