prefab instantiating problem


I'm instantiating a prefab consisting of an empty game object which controls the overall speed and rise of the prefab(picture a box with 3 balloons attached to it). Over the course of the level 10 of them are created. Once a balloon is destroyed I want the speed and the rise to slow. What i'm doing now is destroying the script that controls the speed and rise and replacing it with a new script with slower speed and rise. The problem is when the scripts are changed it changes the speed and rise for all the prefabs. I have tried this without replacing scripts and i get the same outcome. any suggestions would be great! Thanks

Sounds like you might be using static variables when you shouldn't be, although it's difficult to tell without more information. How about posting the script you're using?

(edit your question to include the script, don't paste it as a new answer)

Use Prefab in your Game Here is the tutorial for that . Unity3D Notes: Instantiate Prefab in Your Game Tutorial . Here is demo and code for Prefab instantiate so download and try to undestand i hope u will get the solution …