Prefab is attached to a gameobject instead of becoming a new gameobject in the scene

When I take e. g. the default VFX prefab that comes with HDRP and drag the butterflies into the scene with a terrain, the VFX gameobject is attached to the terrain. If I have a grasspatch there, it would be attached to the grass patch.

That's definitely not good :)

Hi @Rowlan ,

There's a new option to set up default parents for new GameObjects in 2020.2:

Editor: Added "Set as Default" option to Hierarchy objects to allow setting a custom parent for objects dragged into the Scene/Hierarchy Windows and objects created via the GameObject menu.

Could you please check if it's related to that? If not, please submit a bug report for it.

I'm not aware of that feature, but I did find that menu option in the gameobject of the hierarchy itself. Or is this some global setting? Just to visualize the problem:


You see the ButterFlies are added as child to the Terrain gameobject. But I want them as a separate one. More problematic would be if I'd drag it to a grass gameobject, then they'd become a child of the grass.

Please let me know if there's another setting to try or if you want me to file a bug report. However that's not intended behaviour :) If I'd want it as child of the Terrain, I'd drag it into the Terrain hierarchy, not into the scene view. That would be much too inaccurate to position / parent correctly.

Hi Rowlan, agreed, this doesn't feel like expected behavior - I'll check and see where this changed! :)

Note: "Set as Default Parent" doesn't appear to be activated (the "Terrain" item would be Bold in the Hierarchy), so I don't think that is the issue. Could you log a bug directly? (Help > Report a Bug) - thanks very much!

Yeah sure. I tried reducing the scene to the core. But noticed that it doesn't eg happen if I create a cube as prefab. It seems to affect the VFX prefabs (is VFX a prefab?) only so far.

Gonna file a bug report nontheless and update this post with the bug number when it's done.

Edit: Case Id is 1288444

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Thanks a lot for reporting this, @Rowlan . We were able to reproduce the issue:

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