Prefab is completly messed up

Hello everybody

I have a strange thing in Unity. I made a prefab of my player in a test scene. After that i open up level 1 of my game, drop in the prefab. When I play level1 my player is completely messed up, parts are not in their places (hands are dislocated from the body) and it is slightly moving to the left all the time. I tried deleting and remaking the prefab but it didnt help. Also the player is working perfectly in the test scene.

Please help me guys, because I have absolutly no idea what to do…

Okay guys, so I accidently solved my problem :smiley:
I was trying to make a new FPS Player from the ground up using the given one from Standard Assets. Everything went well, until I arrived to the animation part. It turned out, that the hands and all their childrens, this means the camera too, were teleporting away, because I left the Apply Root Motion in the arms animator checked. As soon as I unchecked it, everything worked like a charm!

I’m so happy XD

I hope that this helps anyone else who encounters this problem.