Prefab is "None (Game Object)" on runtime

Hi guys! I’m having a very complicated problem.

I have my prefabs all set on the inspector as on the picture below.

![alt text] [1]

Now, when I press play, the prefab just disappears on runtime as the picture below.

I’ve tried everything, like start the prefab (dronePrefab = GetComponent(); on Start() ), I’ve tried to make a new prefab, I have tested on many ways with no success.

The prefabs are instantiated fine first, but the clones won’t have the prefab on the inspector anymore.

Can anybody help me?


I also had this bug asking for a whole day to try to get it but I gave up the other day I was calmer and found out how good it resolves if the game object had .find then you get the .find that will not give none ^^

Same problem on Text Mesh Pro UI