Prefab not loaded in webplayer!?


I had a prefab with guiText, I instantiate it at the first scene of my WebPlayer
The prefab exists but, it didn’t show the guiText component


Please be more elaborate. I am guessing that these are the following issues :

1)The Prefab exists but isn’t within
the Hierarchy.

2)The Prefab is disabled, or has been
disabled by another script.

3)The GUItext coordinates are not
within the camera’s view.

4)There might be a script that is
changing the GUI text’s position.

5)Your script isn’t referencing the
component(if that’s what you’re trying
to do)

This is the most help I can offer since you haven’t explained in detail.
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Well i find the solution, the problem was, my script set the guiText.text value in the Awake step, and somehow in the webplayer build the code between the Awake step is not executed.
So i moved it to the Start step, and everithing works fine.

Thanks for your answer and sorry, for being short :slight_smile: