Prefab Placement Efficiently?


I am trying to figure out the most efficiently way to place down individualy prefabs of identically cubes, to make structures!

I am talking about making maps, out of single cubes from prefabs that are saved and not generated out of code.

I can point you to this video about the game “Ace Of Spades”, FPS game whit maps made out of just what I am talking about.


I cant really see how it would be possible that those maps where made out of simply placing down one prefab after the other by hand, nor is it made by code since the maps are stored and loaded separately.

So, this leaves me whit the question, how one would be going about doing this if one where to end up making large structures/maps, and alot of them too?

I assume there would be some sort of plugin for some sort of 3D program that would be one way, but I need this to be done in Unity3D becuase of the prefabs I need to use for the blocks. Why? I need it so that I can have different physics for the different blocks!

NO! I am not making “Minecraft 2”! :slight_smile:

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Well… Off the top of my head… Perhaps you could use .txt files or something?

For instance…


Then you read the txt file, and generate the prefab based on the “code”.

In this case, they are in sets of 2, the first number being the height of the block, and the second number being a reference to a prefab. So this could make me a little pyramid of blocks, with green at the bottom, blue at the second level, and a red block on the top.

Could take reference from that, and come up with something on your own, because as you can guess, the problem lies in that you can’t determine whats underneath the blocks.