Prefab Postion Preview

I’ve placed a prefab in my into my scene. The prefab is just a simple cube with some modifications in Blender. When I drag my prefab from the assets to the hierarchy, and it’s placed at the origin. I then move this prefab and position it to the left of the window and this is displayed in the Scene (and Game preview). However, when I play the scene, the prefab is still stuck at the origin. I have other prefabs which are also Blender files amd they reposition correctly.

Anyone help?

Does it have an Animation component? Try unticking it. Or make a new GameObject and make the prefab its child.

When I see people asking this question, they’re usually getting an extra “blank” animation imported from Blender which forces the object to remain at the origin indefinitely. This thread might be an okay example, but you can probably find better ones if you look around a bit.