Prefab sprite glitch,Prefab canvas glitch

Hi there, so i am making a mobile game (TowerBlox) style, but with hamburgers. And im having this weird glitch, so i have a spawn point on top of the screen that spawns a prebaf with random sprites(meat, cheese, tomatoes, bacon etc…) and for some reason when they hit the next prefab to stack some of the sprites get behind the previews sprite. but only fails in some combinations, for example if a egg sprite drops on top of a meat sprite it is all good, but the opposite it glitches. Check the screenshot to see whats going on marked with a red arrow the ones that glitch. I thought it could have something to do with the layer but the prefab spawns always on the same layer since it is only 1 prefab with randomized sprite.

Am i missing something in the inspector or is it something i can fix with code?

Ok so i found out what i need, so when ever a new cloned prefab spawn i need to increment the layer position. so it wont appear in the back of the preview cloned prefab sprite. Gonna give it a try and will post code after if it either way works or not.