Prefab with UI.Text is not unloaded

I’m doing optimization test to reduce memory usage.

When I destory all prefab-instances, there is a case that prefab is not unloaded as if there are undestroyed prefab-instances.

I realize a prefab couldn’t be unloaded when a prefab-instance has references for other assets using public field.

So, I removed references by setting them null in OnDestroy() event.

It seemed to work very well. But I realized there is another case making prefab cannot be unloaded.

If there is a GameObject with a UI.Text component, that prefab will be never unloaded.


How could I fix this problem?

I have the same issue with UI.Image

My mistake. It means if you delete prefab instance with text, it’s texture will never be unloaded. I guess the situation occurs because of text atlas for the text.