PrefabHell - How to have scripts of prefabs instances reference the variables of the prefab instance they're attached to?

How to get script on prefab instance to reference/use variables on instance, rather than referencing the uninstantiated one in the project folder.

Old Question : Prefab Hell - Script is not finding the instantiated prefab variables- only the uninstantiated version’s variables

I’m attempting to make a super simple 10 source AudioManager.
I’ve tried multiple attempts at this, but am getting the EXACT same problem.

My script is grabbing the uninstantiated prefab’s variables, rather than the instantiated prefab variables.

Specifically, if I have a prefab w/ a List myAudioSources - and I grab myAudioSources[0], it’ll grab the uninstantiated prefab’s ref [0], & give me a STUPID “Audio source disabled error”. The one it’s grabbing isn’t instantiated, so OFC it’s disabled, but hell if you’ll know that, as it will HAPPILY act like it’s grabbing the instantiated one. It ISN’T.

Alternatively, if I create an array, because I’m aware it’s b/sing me, AudioSources myAudioSources. Then in Awake(){ myAudioSources = new AudioSource[10] - then create array references}—
It will do the same b/s, and attempt to grab the non-instantiated array’s references. So myAudioSources[0] - returns a ref error, despite the instantiated prefab having a reference there.

So, my question is simple, how do I grab the instantiated prefab’s references?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class AudioManager : MonoBehaviour
    public List<AudioClip> UIClips = new List<AudioClip>();
    // UI Clip Index List
    // 0 = BTN_Hover
    // 1 = BTN_Click
    // 2 = BTN_Fail
    // 3 = BTN_StartGame
    // 4 = 

    public GameObject[] myAudioSources;
    public List<int> myAudioSourceListIndex = new List<int>();

    // Start is called before the first frame update
    void Awake()
    public void InitAudioSources()
        myAudioSources = new GameObject[9];
        for (int i = 0; i < myAudioSources.Length; i++)
            GameObject io = new GameObject();
            myAudioSources *= io;*


public int FindAvailAudioSourceIndex()
for (int i = 0; i < myAudioSources.Length; i++)
if(myAudioSources*.GetComponent().isPlaying == false)*
return i;
return 0;
public void CallHoverSfx()
int a = 0;
//int a = FindAvailAudioSourceIndex();
myAudioSources[a].GetComponent().enabled = true;
myAudioSources[a].GetComponent().clip = UIClips[0];
Debug.Log("index = " + a);

Found the problem. My button was referencing the prefab in folder, not the instance. Visually, it’s absolutely identical, but meh.

I used the list to grab the prefab, rather than drag & dropping.