Prefabs and Arrays

Is there a way to loop throu a list of prefabs to build a array. or am i stuck dragging and dropping ortyping out all the prefabs?

I wrote a script that grabs all the prefabs in a folder and puts them in a GameObjects array. Hope this helps you.

import System;
import System.IO;

var directory : String = "Assets\\Prefabs";
var prefabs : GameObject[];

function Start ()
	prefabs = GetPrefabs(directory);


function GetPrefabs (dir:String) : GameObject[]
	var prefabsArray = new Array();
	// Create a reference to the current directory.
	var di : DirectoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(dir);
	// Create an array representing the files in the current directory.
	var fi : FileInfo[] = di.GetFiles();
	for(var file in fi)
		var gO = AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath(file.ToString().Substring(Environment.CurrentDirectory.Length+1), GameObject);
		//checks to make sure it found an object, prevents non game objects from being grabbed
	var prefabsBuiltIn : GameObject[];
	prefabsBuiltIn = prefabsArray;
	return prefabsBuiltIn;