Prefabs? or are they?

Hi i have a cube prefab with a script attached, i need about 200 all named consecutively. how can i do that? Ive placed one and duplicated it lots a renamed it. Sometimes if i say change size of the thing in hte hieracy and click apply they all change (what i want). Sometimes they dont, or some do? What am i doing wrong ? do i have to drag the original from the project into the scene 200 times? Ive read the prefab bit in the manual but now im confused. I i change the size of the original project prefab some change size, some do not. Whats the correct way

If you're using mac there's a little check box on the left of a variable in the inspector, this indicates whether the prefab instance will be set to prefab defaults (what you want) or it will use its own individual settings.

Basically if you alter some variable on a prefab instance, that variable will become disconnected from the prefab.

It's a bit trickier on windows because there's no check box to indicate default values or not, just try not to edit them too much or instantiate them at run time instead.