preferences, load second time etc

Can You Make It So That When You First Play The Game It Loads A scene Them When You Play The Game Again It Loads The Game Selection Scene Insted?

I am makeing a game where you have to play levels to get your level up and earn credits and i am wanting a bit where you choose a name and a profile picture for the games profile like on xbox

where you have an account and stuff. so i was wanting to know if you could make it so that when you first click play game it will take you to a profile creation scene

then when you play the game and then exit the game and go back on it and click play game on the main menu it will then load the level selection page withthe profile name and level in the top corner.

so basicly im asking can you load a scene when you first play the game and on second time it goes straight to it? thanks in advance.

You can use PlayerPrefs to save the information that the user had played the game already and test this value when you load the game.