Preferences or Settings, Wich one?

Hello guys,
I loved the idea that you put together all the settings related to the project in the same place.
I just have a problem with how they are labeled in the editor menu
It is still a little confusing.
There is a meaningful difference between the words "settings" and "preferences"?
I can see that one is related to the project and the other to the editor itself, but is kind of frustrating, I often get myself opening the wrong one.
It is just a small request,
If we could use "Project Settings" or "Editor Preferences" would really help.
I have to say I am not a native english speaker, I really hope I am not missing anything, but
I expect others feel the same way
Thanks for the attention and just continue with the great work!


Hi geeosp, thanks for your feedback.

This was indeed (and still is) a source of discussions. We had to rename Project Settings to Settings to be backward compatible with previous settings providers. We’re considering different ways to improve on this.



The use of Project Settings at least provides delineation between

Project Settings
Editor Preferences

How is removing Project from this needed/necessary for backwards compatibility, and a good idea?


Project Settings was used as a Submenu in the previous editor versions. To replace it with a Menu Item of the same name would have caused many third party plugins to lose access to the settings they were adding under that Submenu. This is a transition measure until third party plugins place their custom settings in the Unified Settings window instead of adding new menu items under Project Settings. Internally we add to do this with Text Mesh Pro for instance.

I think you’re making work for yourselves. Why not let it work the old way, but jump to the appropriate “tab” in the new settings window?

eg. From here…, clicking on TextMesh Pro…

3717934--307537--Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.03.15 am.png

Jumps to here:

3717934--307540--Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.02.49 am.png


I think the “Settings” menu entry in the Edit menu should be “Project Settings”, as it has been in previous versions so far.

I perceive “Settings” as ambiguous, as it’s unclear if the settings affect the project, the editor, or something else. Also, there’s no clear differentiation from the “Preferences” entry right below “Settings” in the menu. The settings affect the individual project only, and will change when loading a different project. I think that “Project Settings” is far more coherent than just “Settings”.

Other than that, I’m really happy with the 2018.3 version. I’m about to adopt it in my production projects.



I think preferences and settings should be combined. They are both functionally identical.


They aren’t. Preferences is the configuration of the Editor and persists between projects. Settings is the configuration of the currently opened project, this is why it makes more sense to call it “Project Settings” (as in pre-2018.3 versions).


I see it's just I do change the preferences between projects also, so for me, not so much :)

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Thank you all for your feedback! The idea of having them (Settings and Preferences) combined has been debated with the designers but we decided to leave them as separate items for now. The design team also considered keeping the submenu items of the Project Settings but decided against it. Based on your feedback we decided to use ‘Preferences…’ and ‘Project Settings…’ as the new menu items in 2018.3 (on macOS it was already Preferences…). The change should be available in the next Beta.