Preferred audio software tools for unity game developers?

There are quite a few audio tools out there.

  • What are your preferred software tools?

I expect you are using some kind of audio editor and a sequencer.

I think this is interesting to get a feel for what are the most used 3rd-party audio tools in the community. Check also this question if you want to find music or sounds for your game.

Please post 1 answer with 1 tool OR vote up your tool if it is already listed. Thanks.

Audacity is a good choice for indie developers, since it's free, open source, and cross-platform (available for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Adobe Soundbooth CS4 was packaged with a few CS4 packs, and while I probably would not have purchased it on its own, it has some great features over Audacity, which is my default choice because it's free.

Some of the non-destructive editing features are really nice for preserving edits, and allowing you to come back to make adjustments later. The auto-looper tool worked on a piece of music I gave it first time, so +1 for that too. Of course all of these features exist in a real audio editing package, but, at the price point I was pleasantly surprised.

I haven't used logic, and the last pro audio system I used was Pro-Tools. Soundbooth on its own is only 200 bucks, and if you are getting an adobe pack anyway, it's not a bad choice as a nice upgrade from audacity.

I'll also have to try editing in Soundtrack pro, I haven't used that much either.

Logic Studio does basically anything any sort of musician/composer and/or sound designer needs. I use Logic Pro for creating music, and effects, and I use Soundtrack Pro to edit waveforms. Logic is easily the best-priced pro audio package out there.

However, unless you actually want to make your own stuff, although Logic Studio will work great for you, it is probably overkill. $500 is still a great price for the large collection of music loops and sound effects you get with it, though.

FLStudio would be my recommendation. It is a full blown studio editor that comes with many so called VST / RAS plugins, wave editors, mixers and export to wav, mp3 and so on.

FYI: a VST plugin can be a complete new vitual instrument or synthesizer from 3rd party suppliers. So if you would like to go classical you could think about Garritan Personal Orchestra. If you need Commodore C64 retro sounds you could go for ReFX QuadraSID and so on.

Just to illustrate the use of ONE studio package that uses VST's to have an endless range of instruments and effects at your disposal.

Not a comprehensive tool (no editor or sequencer), but for audio format and sampling rate conversion, ffmpeg is a good choice -- it's fast, free, and open source. For Windows users, WinFF is a convenient way to download and install the ffmpeg binaries, and you get a GUI alternative to the command line.

little complicated at first, but great results.