Preload on iPhone

I have tremendous problems with my loading times. So I created a title screen to keep the people busy, but when level 1 starts, it's still loading the level. I have level 0 (title) and level 1. My code looks like:

function Start () {
function OnGUI () {
   if (GUI.Button(Rect(70,285,180,30),"",myGUI)) Application.LoadLevel(1);

I found nothing nothing like Application.StartLevel(1), I mean even if the level is preloaded, I still execute a LoadLevel command, that is weird. I also entered a Application.isLoadingLevel feedback and the preload doesn't seem todo anything, only the LoadLevel. Also read about some ASync loading function, but doesn't work, seems not to be for the iPhone version.

Hmm, is there something I can do?

Application.PreloadLevel doesn't do anything on the iPhone.