Premium soomla vs its open-source framework

Hello Devs,

I am quite puzzled here. I hope someone could clear my doubt. I am developing a game for iOS and Android. I have to setup a virtual economy (IAP) in the game and I was wondering as of how to set-up the store framework. Hence I ended up with soomla.

But I have a little bit of doubt over it. They say it is an open-framework but then they also have a premium pricing. What is the big difference? and if I want to publish my game on the android and apple store, should I really purchase the premium package or is the open-source well enough for me.

If I have to buy the premium package, then could you guys suggest me some other packages on the asset store as I find the subscription plan a complete rip-off.

Thank you,

@karsnen - thanks for your question.

UPDATE: a lot has changed since this question was originally asked. Today SOOMLA has evolved into a gaming data platform. With over 5000 live games using its tech, SOOMLA analyzes in-game behavior of millions of users and can predict which one of them are likely to pay once they land in your game. When joining collaborative data network known as GROW you get these products free of charge:

  • No-coding analytics that focus on paying users, retention and conversion
  • The Whales Report - a weekly report that uncovers which of your users are paying in other games and which ones you missed to convert in your game
  • GROW Insights - a real-time Unity API that allows you know a player’s likelihood to spend in your game on his/her 1st session.
  • Game Recommender service - currently in beta - a data-driven report that helps you decide your next game’s design based on what your users are doing in correlated games.

A few of our customers have reported some confusion with regards to the Open Project vs. the Designer tool (the paid product) so I wanted to take a few moments to explain:

  • The In-App Purchase plugin is free for unlimited use with both the commercial and the open source path.
  • Both options will also allow you to get the code as open source
  • The payment is for the designer tool. This is a tool that helps you build specific instances of the open source project every time you export a store
  • The designer tool also allows to design a store-front that is fully integrated with the framework
  • Using the designer tool is free for the first 30 days and costs a monthly license after. At the same time, any store exported from the designer can be used without a license for as long as you like.

In other words, the subscription plan is only if you want to generate more versions of the store-front every month.

Hope this is a bit clearer now.