📌 Preparing for Launch Window - Let's Connect!

Hi everyone, as we near the end of the year, we’d like to get in touch with developers who are committed to having content ready by early 2024. Like all of you, we don’t know when the Vision Pro will launch, but we are operating on the assumption that things are still on track for early 2024 as mentioned in Apple’s “Wonderlust” event in September.

Please send me a DM if your app is on track to be ready by early 2024 (let’s define this window as Q1 2024). I’d love to chat about ways we can ensure you’re well supported and successful at launch.


Hi @mfuad ,

We are planning to have our app ready for launch at end of Jan. Please DM me, i can’t figure out this forum!

Hi @mfuad I can’t find the way to DM you either.

I also have games targeting for launch too. Please DM me. Thanks!

I think to send a DM, you need to click on mfuad’s icon and then select ‘Message’.

At least that’s what I did…

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Yeah, I don’t see a message buttun :frowning:

Same for me - there is no ‘Message’ button. @mfuad please let us know the best way to reach you.

Sent message also @mfuad please let me know what the release window looks like. @IsaacsUnity for visibility. Thanks

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