Preprocesor defines for a package

How can I add global preprocesor directives (#define) for a package?

So I’m creating a custom package. It uses assembly definition files, and according to documentation, I should be able to place a csc.rsp file next to it and define custom symbols inside it. But Unity doesn’t pick them up, my code is compiled as if there were no defines whatsoever.

Global defines in PlayerSettings don’t work either, but this is expected, this was covered by documentation somewhere.

Asmdef files also don’t provide a way to add unconditional global defines, which is a bummer.

So what should I do at this point?

I’ll leave this answer instead of deleting, in case someone else has that problem.

TRIPLE check if you really places the .rsp file in the correct folder (which is the same one as your asmdf)

I somehow placed mine one folder higher, so no wonder it didn’t work…