Present cookie data in WWWForm?

Hi again! I've been wondering, and it's not that important, but is it possible to actually send cookie data into a WWWForm? For example, I could somehow set "thiscookie" to "isyummy", send that to the WWWForm, and have any PHP cookie requests for "thiscookie" return "isyummy"?

No, but you can send URL parameters via GET/POST that tell PHP to set cookies for you, and then you can retrieve those cookie values from PHP. That, or you could write a JavaScript (web-javascript, not UnityScript, they're different) to get and set cookie values for you, and then you could call those from within the game using the WWW class. Unity can't directly get or set cookie data, though, no.

Actually you can. Just setup your custom headers like in this example: WWWForm Headers You need to add the "Cookie" header. (HTTP Headers) That should do the job (not tested). There could be a difference between Web and Standalone.