Preserve global variable after game object destroyed?

Essentially, I have a gameObject A with a script A attached. I record some property X of that gameObject A and destroy eventually destroy that object.

A bit later, I have created a new gameObject B and script B.

I'd like to be able to look-up the value of property X I recorded with script B.

Thanks for any ideas/pointers.

Use a static variable for anything you want persisted like that - then it belongs to the class as a whole, not the instance


static var score : float = 0;

will persist the score for all versions of the script

You could have an intermediary game object that stores the value for you. So you have script C that's on a game object that stays around forever and doesn't do anything but stores/loads values.

You could also use the PlayerPrefs class to store values. These values are actually stored on disk so they persist between sessions unless you specifically delete them.

Or you could go with the static approach.