press key, rotate around something

hi, I want to simply rotate object on Z-axis 59 degrees if A-button is clicked,

if ( Input.GetKeyDown( "space" ) ) {
    transform.RotateAround(, Vector3.right, 150);

but rotate function description says, Eular Angles. when I saw huge I article on Eular angles on wikipedia I hid beneath the table hoping it would go away :S

is there a converter or some simpler tutorial explaining eular angles or unity function that uses normal angles ?

oh and btw whats key kode for A-button? unity reference said A <-, but this gives me error so i'm stuck with space ;|

Here: Try this script - it should solve all your problems:

var rotation = 1.0;

function Update () {
    if (Input.GetKey ("a")) {
        rotation += 0.2;
        transform.Rotate (0,0,rotation * Time.deltaTime);

The snippet of code above smoothly rotates the cube. If you just want it to 'go', remove the `rotation += 0.2` line.To change the rotation speed, modify the `0.2` number. Hope this helps! Also, here's a link to the input page for all the keys in Unity.

P.S. Hiding under beds is much safer, and you should always ask all your Unity-related questions here. :)