Press the button play music in the next scene.

Hi. I want to make the following mechanism to for ios.

1.Title There are two taps selectable buttons to the scene.(example A and B button)
2.Press any button to transition to next scene.
3.Play music in the transition scene. Music A When you press the A button, the music B When you press the B button flowing.

I was just able to play music in the scene. However, I do not know what should make doing what the above mechanism in C#.

I have a low coding ability. I want to know in detail.
Thank you for reading!!

take one static integer in first scene in one script and when click on button A make that integer 1 when click on B make that integer 2 and on both button you have to load next scene with Scenemanager.LoadScene(1);

than in next scene youhave to check this in start

audiosource.clip = audioclip1;;
else if(integeryoudefine==2)
audiosource.clip = audioclip2;;

same thing for other clips