Pressing 2 Buttons at the Same Time

I’m making a shooter that fires a special bullet when two buttons are pressed at once. Is the code for this as I think it is?

if (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1" && "Fire2"))

close …

if ( Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1") && Input.GetButtonDown("Fire2") )

each time you are checking for a condition, you have to check them seperately, you cannot combine them like you were =]

Just a note : this is hoping that you press both the keys in exactly the same frame, I don’t know what the odds are of that happening. You may need timers for both, then check if they are just GetButton but not timed out (say 0.2 seconds).

I would do

if ((Input.GetButton("Fire1") && Input.GetButtonDown("Fire2"))
    || (Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1") && Input.GetButton("Fire2)))

The first line checks if you press 2 while holding down 1, the other checks if you press 1 while holding down 2.
This way, you don’t have to press both on exactly the same frame.