Pressing play deletes all objects in my hierarchy?

So I have a camera and a sprite in my 2D scene; when I press play to view it in-game, all objects disappear from my hierarchy and it says “display 1 no cameras rendering”. I don’t understand this at all; the camera preview shows me exactly what I expect the scene to look like, with my sprite in the middle and the rest standard background, but as soon as I press play everything’s deleted.

Currently running 5.5.4f1
Images as follows:

Image shows my current scene, with camera preview:

Image shows scene after pressing play; all objects in hierarchy gone, probably why camera isn’t rendering:

After pressing play again to halt it, it returns me to my scene with no objects left in it at all. Would love some help with this I can’t seem to find this same issue anywhere else.
Bear in mind I’m extremely new to Unity so this might be a really obvious solution I’m just not seeing.


Did you find a solution to this?

It is doing my nut, happens after several reinstalls and fresh projects!

seph (at) seph (dot) net,