Pretty In Pink... Not!

When I install Unity 4.5 / 4.6 on high-end Win7 Nvidia-670m laptops and load a demo project (after conversion), some materials fail to import and as many as 10-30% are colored pink. What’s really baffling is if I install Unity on low-end laptops running XP-SP3 everything works fine!!! Logically, you’d expect the reverse.

I’ve looked at the imported materials but I can’t see any clues as to why the material build / import / compilation is failing. I’ve ruled out machine related issues as I’ve confirmed the prob on a 2nd production laptop, and all boxes work fine for UDK / UE4 projects. Any advice appreciated, cheers!

Hey there,

When you see the magenta colour that means your shaders have failed to compile or have errors. Your video drivers could be out of date I would suggest checking there.

Do you know if the project is running any custom shaders?