Pretty In Pink... Not!

When I install Unity 4.5 / 4.6 on high-end Win7 Nvidia-670m laptops and load a demo project (after conversion), some materials fail to import and as many as 10-30% are colored pink. What’s really baffling is if I install Unity on low-end laptops running XP-SP3 everything works fine!!! Logically, you’d expect the reverse.

I’ve looked at the imported materials but I can’t see any clues as to why the material build / import / compilation is failing. I’ve ruled out machine related issues as I’ve confirmed the prob on a 2nd production laptop, and all boxes work fine for UDK / UE4 projects. Any advice appreciated, cheers!

Try adding the “-force-d3d9” command line argument (or “-force-d3d11”, try both).

I’ve had graphics problems with the editor in the past despite a high end graphics card, though I don’t think its ever been a failure to import textures. Are they really large textures or in an unusual format or something?