Prevent a Charater from falling though the terrain

Hiya when i have started my game and my charater just falls though the terrian how can i fix this

Yeah, click on your terrain in the heirarchy view, and then check to see if it has a "terrain collider" on it. If you notice that your terrain does not have a "terrain collider" attached to it, then simply go to components -> Miscellaneous -> Terrain Collider while having your terrain selected. Also you might want to check that your character has a collider on it...


Hi there,

You must add a character controller to your player.

This enables a collider which you need to resize to your players size, and position it on the Y axis above the terrain.

You can take a look at the Lerpz Tutorial for more info

The problem might also be that your terrain is missing a collider.

You can see if its has a collider but is simply messing the mesh.

Also, see if the character is below the terrain as this causes the character to fall through. I had this trouble too