Prevent a non-kinematic object from receiving force from collisions?

I’m using velocity to move my objects, but I don’t want them interfering with each other when they “collide” (I just want them to pass through each other). Removing the colliders isn’t an option because I do need them to trigger script code when they touch. If I make them kinematic, then I can’t use velocity to move them and I’d rather not overcomplicate things by replacing velocity with some other movement mechanism. What can I do?

@JathOsh delivered a great answer as a comment:

Did you try making them both triggers? They shouldn’t have any collision. only one needs to be a trigger for them to not collide. and if they both need collision except for this situation you can use collision layers & triggers

In my case, just making my objects triggers worked great. I also didn’t know about collision layers, will put that in the back of my brain in case of later similar problems. Thanks!