Prevent Button from tinting child Images

I want a button to only Transition between colors on its own image, not on any of its children, or at least let me choose which ones. How can that be done?

A colleague of mine has created a button which had child objects, 2 texts, 2 images. The texts were tinted along with the button where the images were not.

Even more strange, I recreated that structure and could not get the images to not tint along with the button… every component was configured the same. even childing just the image over to the other button made it tint…

I took two shots. First shows the selected image, which is unaffected by the cursor hovering over the button
The second one shows the affected one. IT’S A COPY OF THE FIRST. How is that possible?

Solved it,

some idiot derived from the button component, coloring every child Image in the hierarchy with an array of ignored once…