Prevent Resources class from loading assets when application starts

Hi! My application has a lot assets in Resources folder, but I use only some part of them at one time. Before first scene is loaded, my app takes over 700MB of memory… In Start method in my MonoBehaviour class I use Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() and it frees over 600MB :slight_smile: After that everything works just fine.

Is there any way to prevent UnityPlayer from loading all assets into memory when application starts?

Resources is special folder in unity (List of special folders). Unity always loads all assets from resources folder.
You can move assets to different folder. Then unity will determine what he needs and will only load those assets.

Use Resources folder for assets that are not by default in your scene, but there might be a case in which you want to put it in the scene. Unity will load them and you can access them via Resources.Load.