Prevent rigidbody with hinge joint from slowing down

I created this model:

The log swings around its support. This support is the parent object of the log and has no Rigidbody and just consists of a mesh.
The log has these components which are used for the swinging:

You may see that it doesn’t use gravity, so I simulated gravity with this line of code:

rigidbody.AddForce(direction * 9.81f);

“direction” is just the vector which points towards the stone path, so basically down

So here is my problem: The log is slowing down. It doesn’t just swing there forever, instead its speed gets less and less, like if it’s affected by friction. Its rigidbody already has angular drag set to zero, so I honestly don’t know what causes this.
If you have any idea, please let me know. Thanks!

Well its doing exactly what you tell it to do right? Aside from the changed gravity direction its the same as any other swinging log. The force will pull it towards the earth and at some point it will stay there. Just like a regular pendulum on earth. If you want it to keep swinging you should add some force to it, just like a swing set. You could of course also fake it. Just because a log swings with a “hinge joint” in the real world doesn’t mean it has to do it in your game. You could also just rotate the log around its pivot point using a Mathf.Sin or a pingpong function. It will do exactly the same as you want it to do with the rigidbody, with less of the hassle of joints and rigidbodies.