Prevent texture quality from being degraded when importing into Unity

I’m making various types of trees and when I use leaf textures everything seems to look fine. However, when I use pine needles or spruce branches, anything with needles, and import them into Unity they lose their quality. I confirm this I tested a very high res pine texture, not the one below, and the same this happened.

When I import them into Unity and apply them to a tree they are blocky, quality is extremely low res, and you can barely make out what the texture is. I’ve tried using psd, tiff, tga, and png. I get the same problem with all types. I have tried plugins for Photo Shop that blend the background to match all the colors of the transparency. I have also tried using gimp. I get the same low quality textures once applied to a tree. They look good in the inspector.

My goal was to try and mimic Skyrim’s mountain trees but I can’t get anywhere close due to this issue. Does anyone know what the problem is? I can’t seem to get individual pine needles to show up on the tree.

I’ve tested other tree packs that use needle based branches and their quality isn’t the best either.

Below is my tree with the texture issue and then Skyrim’s. Why are their textures so clean and detailed? I have a dds viewer and looked at Skyrim’s pine texture, it’s not too different from my texture so why is the quality in Unity so horrible and what can I do to fix it?

Update: It’s not the tree but Unity itself that’s making the texture lose quality. You can see form the inspector below. I messed with every setting and this was the best I could get. The texture has an alpha channel so I don’t know why it’s turning out like this…

alt text

Click on the texture in the Project list, check the import settings. What is the max texture size? Is it too small? Make sure it’s at least as big as the texture itself and Apply

Note that your image is imported and compressed. Unity will only compress images that are square to the 2nd power thingy right? So your image needs to be 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024 and so on. If you compress your image that is not square before you bring it in, Unity will squash it to meet the nearest number. Also, note that the image may look all crisp on white but may not look like that on black. Put a black backgorund behind the image in photoshop to make sure what you are seeing on white is actually so. 3. check out different filter modes. It looks like you are having an antialiasing issue.

Have you tried to change the “Import Type” setting in your first image?