Prevent texture to seem streched?

I have two cubes. One works as a floor and one works like a wall in a 2.5D plattformer game. I have added a 512x512px texture to a material for floor and for wall. On the floor I have the tiling x:3 y:1 and the wall x:1 y:3. I am trying to prevent there beeing any streching in the textures. Are there any “best practices” to prevent streching of the texture? Specialy when one material is focused on the Y axis and the other on the X axis? Any suggestion?

The simplest way is just to make a Material for each one and do the math. If you have a 15 meter long, 3 meter high, Cube-wall and want the texture to repeat every 1/2-meter, tile it 30 times on x and 6 on y. Can be a pain, but you can copy a Material through the top Edit button.

The “Pro” way might be that walls won’t be cubes – they will really be models with smoothed tops, jagged sides, little bends. Then, as per BStonemans 2nd comment, the modeler would unwrap them in a way to pre-tile it (so the Material would always have tile=1/1 but would still tile on that wall.)