Prevent third person camera from clipping through terrain and objects

H all,

I am currently using the third person controller which ships with unity, but as the title suggests I have a problem with the camera clipping through the terrain and other objects on my scene. I have researched on google and found suggestions about the ‘Clipping Plane’ but cant seem to find that on the third person character…any suggestions would be helpfull!


As far as I know, the third person controller just takes the Main camera in the scene - i.e, if you haven’t got a Camera in your scene, when you hit play you won’t see anything.

So, if you select your Main Camera in the hierachy (rather than the Third person controller) you’ll find its ‘Clipping plane’ properties in the Inspector. Simply reduce the ‘Near’ slider. I’ve heard that making it 0 does cause some problems though, so try to keep it as large as possible.

i was looking for the same thing and i found this, not tried it yet but i think it should work.