Prevent Unloading assets for Reloading scene for a second time!

Hello everyone!

I have a separate scene for setting where the player is able to select/change the touch controls.
To do this, I am loading a scene “Setting” and returning back to the scene by Loading the level again.
The first time the loading takes about 12 seconds (must be less, but its a different question), and the second time it takes about 6seconds.
Is there a method that I do not unload the assets by just pausing the game at a specific level, make the changes and return to the scene like un-pausing it.


hello, i don’t know if you have found solution already for this since.

here is my idea, you can use loadleveladdictive to load the settings scene on top of the already present scene.
Then when you want to return form the settings, manually destroy all the objects related to Settings.