Prevent Users to overwrite scene from a package

I am using the IET 3.1.1 framework and IET authoring 1.2.1 packages to make tutorials for an app using Unity 2021.3.
I use premade scenes in the tutorial with some prefab in it. During the tutorial, users modify the scene.
I want to prevent users to overwrite these scenes when saving as they might want to do the tutorials again with the original scenes. How can I do ?

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I'm interested by this answer as well : we set an InitialScene when starting tutorial:

Unfortunately, it looks like that this initial scene will be modified at the end of the tutorial, which prevents the user from re-doing the tutorial. Would it be possible to copy this InitialScene before loading it, so the package remains untouched?


Simple thee ways.

Learner can reload package.

Or make sure, that learner know how to use git. Or train users to use git.

Alternatively, having script, which resets scene to the default state. You may want to use prefab for an example.