preventing animation from tweening

i have a character that uses an animated bone exported from maya to animate its texture for facial aniamtions. I already have a script that gets the value from its position and animates the texture and all that hard stuff, the problem i am having is that between the point where the animation is exported from maya and its played in game, all my step curves (called constant curves in unity) are converted to flat curves and even when manually convert those curves back in the unity the values im getting from the bone position seem to be tweening again. Is there someway that i can set the animation to not tween at all, or do you have a better idea on how i can get texture position values from maya.

any help would be greatly appreciated, since i need to get this out to a client in 2 days, and will have to rework my pipeline if i cant get this to work.


ps. i tried setting the animation's import settings to compression off and baked and it doesnt make a difference.

Set frame 1 = position 1, frame 9 = position 1, frame 10 = position 2, etc

Basically just create your own step animation. It'll still tween between frame 9 and 10, but it should be much less noticable. You might could set your animation frame rate to extremely large number of frames per second to reduce that too. You can set animation frame rate in Blender, I know, and Unity respects its settings, but I don't know if there's an equivalent ability in Maya.]