Preventing mouseclicks outside the game window


I am making a 2D sprite-based brawler type of game that (unlike most others) utilize mouseclicks quite extensively.

Because of the frantic nature of the gameplay, testers are finding that they accidentally click outside the window (in windowed mode) much more often than we’d like. I was wondering if Unity has an option to disable all interactions outside of the window while the game is running.

I have read this topic:

This seems like a good solution except that it hides the mouse cursor and restricts its movement inside the window. Is there anything like this but allowing regular mouse movement within the game window?

Edit: The ideal solution would allow full movement and clicking inside the game window but would not allow the cursor to exit the window while the game is running.

is the issue that you loose focus?

or you just dont want them to accidently click outside?

for the first one you can click on reun in background and it wont effect gameplay.