Preventing "zombie fish"? A question about stretched particles.

Hi folks,

I’m trying to use a particle system to create a school of fish. I have a nice uv animation of a swimming fish. I have the particle emitter set to give the fish a local velocity in the x axis, and the particle animator set to create a local rotation around the y axis. I have the Particle renderer set to “Stretched”, so that the fish particles face their direction of movement. This gives a very nice impression of a school of fish swimming in a circle. My fish animation is facing left. Whenever the fish are swimming left relative to the camera, they look fine. Whenever they swim right however, they flip upside down, and look like dead “zombie fish”. Is there any way to get the Stretched particle renderer to mirror the particle when the particle is moving right, rather than rotating it 180 degrees?



No, not possible. But you could use two particle emitters - one for each direction. Shouldn’t the fish be appearing from the sides or such anyway, not from a point?