Preview of screenshot in unity

Hi ,
im saving the screen shot using Application.CaptureScreenshot() .After saving i throw two options share /retake.All these works fine but im not finding a way to show the screenshot preview to the user.

Once user clicks “capture” button , i’d like to show either the stored screenshot(from persistantdatapath) or just freeze the entire screen.Could you help me out in this?

Thank you

Setting Time.timeScale to 0 should freeze your game (as long as you’re using deltaTime properly).

Instead of holding the game, you can load your screenshot into a texture and show it to the user. Use the WWW class.
(Resource-wise, if thats critical in your application, you shouldn’t use Application.CaptureScreenshot if you want to show the image afterwards, but use something like this where you already have the data and don’t need to load it again).

IEnumerator TakeScreenshotAndLoadItIntoTexture(string filename) {

  WWW www = new WWW("file://" + filename);
    yield return null;

  myPreviewObject.renderer.material.mainTexture = www.texture;