Previously made animation can't be selected

I’m working on a 2D game, I made an animation for a character, then I accidentally created a layer in the animator, then deleted the wrong one (the base layer instead of the new layer), and now the animation that I worked about 15 minutes on to get all the frames into it doesn’t show up in the animation tab. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it to show up, the only option it shows is to make a new clip. I made a new animation, it shows up, but the other one doesn’t. They’re both in the same exact folder. I tried moving the broken one out of the folder into another folder, and I still can’t open it. I also tried restarting Unity, and that didn’t help. I don’t really want to make the whole animation again, or go through the same thing again.

Of course, since people won’t see/respond to this instantly, my only option right now is to redo the whole thing. I’d still love to know why this actually happened in the first place.
This isn’t really a serious problem, I just want to figure out why it happened and how it can be fixed if it happens again. The old animation is of no use to me any more anyway, the new animation I made to replace it is better anyway.

Try to duplicate it (CTRL + D in the project panel) and use the duplicate.