Price about Remote Config or other solution

I just found remote config searching for a fast way to patch my game and stop waiting for stores to review my game and publish my release.
I dont know if there is another solution to do that, so my question are:
.- Is remote config the solution to send new content like new maps and music and code in my game?
.- Is this service price based on MB or size transferred to each player? So in that case is better to send only code patchs and new maps into a new release in the store?
.- Is there another solution better than this one?
thanks for your time guys :)

Check the manual:

Remote config is about the latter: configuration. You can use it to change some settings such as „amount of health“ to balance the game after release. Or to set a flag „xmas mode“ which adds white beards and red hats to every NPC. Things like that. It is not about downloading new assets but about making some content available (or removing it) whenever you deem it necessary. It also won’t allow you to change code.

Since this means very little data the service is free of cost or may require setting up your own remote config server - not exactly sure, I never used it before but it should be mentioned in the manual.

To distribute new assets you can host them on any server and download via Unity’s WebRequest class. Of course you need some way for the app to figure out that and what new assets are available, to that end I think RemoteConfig can also be used by providing some setting about whether updates are available and their download URLs.


wow thank you very much! im totally lost, i think it was to update my game but is only for config, ok it have sense
I have to search more then a solution, thanks in advanced.

What you are looking for is here:
Cloud CDN, Storage Service & Content Management | Unity

Cloud Content Delivery (CCD) is Unity's managed cloud service that hosts and delivers content to your application’s users worldwide without having to reinstall a new version of the application.
CCD is most valuable for content-rich, live games or applications that require content updates on a regular basis.

Documentation: Welcome to Cloud Content Delivery (CCD) (

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Thank you very much, i will take a look, this could work for android/ios really?

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