Price for Unity Pro licenses for the whole team?

I am making a team to develop games, and I am interested in Unity as our development tool. If we were to upgrade to a Pro license, would we have to buy one for each member of the team, or is there a license made for a team that would cost less than $1500 for 5+ people? (Could we possibly have only one computer with Unity on it for bringing the assets together?)

Like already mentioned in some comments, it's not allowed to mix Pro licenses with non-Pro in the same team. So you either have to all use Unity (basic) or buy a Unity Pro license for each person on the team.

The Unity website doesn't mention any rebates for when buying multiple licenses. If you are in doubt about anything, you can always contact Sales.

I guess you better contact Unity Sales for finding out what the possibilities are but I don't expect it will be a huge discount. But have you considered using one or two Pro license together with several Basic licenses? You can always upgrade the team if the need arises but at least it will lower the initial investment (when uncertainties are still high). You'll miss out on one important feature and that's source control. Although it's a great loss, it's still quite doable as long as team members have well defined responsibilities and tasks. Instead of distributing parts using source control you can export groups of assets through the Assets -> Export Package menu. If you work with prefabs you can reasonably easy keep projects in sync.