Price on a building

Hey so i have made a base class for all my buildings so the all get these things but about this is about the prices to build a building should i write it in the base class and then in the inspector write how much they cost or should i write it in the script for the building so i do it on every building scrip?

public string buildingName;
    public string buildingID;

    public int health;
    public int deathHealth;

    public int startLVL;
    public int currentLVL;
    public int maxLVL;

    public float priceGold, priceWood, priceStone, priceCoal, priceCopper, priceIron, priceDiamond;

personally. i think id make a new class of building costs, so it could be used on other parts of the game.

eg. if you have a menu etc, it can look at the class of costs rather than on a building itself since a menu wont have a building referenced against it.