Prime 31 Game Center Plugin

I cant seem to find a solution to this and nobody els seems to have the same problem, so I know I’m missing something really small.
I’ve setup 1 Leaderboard on iTunesConnect and got my leaderboard ID. I’m using that ID as the parameter in the “GameCenterBinding.reportScore()” method that I’m calling to send the score to Game Center.
I check for the availibily of GameCenter, then I Authenticate the player and then only do I submit the score.
When I call the leaderboad, it pops up but shows no score.

I’ve even built the GameCenterTestScene, but it doesnt show the scores either…
What am I missing?

Ok, found the answer…follow everything on the plugin docs supplied by Prime31. My mistake was that I wanted to test and see if I could connect with GameCenter first without sending through a score. So when I eventually wanted to send a score and see it on the Leader board…it was cached as “No Score”.
So what I did was sign out of GameCenter (App) and sign in with a different test user, which cleared the cache…and now I can see my scores submitted.